Friday, December 5, 2008

Library Day

On December 4,2008 my class went to the library to do some research. We went with Aunty Babbet while everyone else was reading Me and some of my friends were talking but reading @ the same time. We got their @ 12:00 pm and we left @ 2:00. Aunty took us back and we just cruised and when school was done then she announced that our class was the best because we worked the whole time and didn't play around. I hope that we can do this again some day and have the same kumu to go with us so that we can have some fun. Since my project is on my summer program I looked up plants to put on and I read a book and I only got a little bit of information from that book. The plant that I got is teh Noni, and the a plumeria that helps make you go #2.